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smoke house

We want to preserve the tradition of smoking – and do justice to environmental and climate protection. This is why we have further developed the millennia-old process.

Adding Ionsmoke in your smoking chamber saves you energy, time and eliminates fine dust at the same time. This results in more yield. Ionsmoke controls the smoke density so that products always have the same quality.


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additional capacity per month (+energy savings)
Bacon IonSmoke Weight Loss Yield no Fine Dust

Ionisation can save up to 70% on your smoking-time.

Ionsmoke works with high voltage electrodes that ionize the smoke particles in the air. The electrostatic forces then pull these towards the product, like magnetic forces. With this physical process we accelerate the smoking process significantly.

We have reduced the smoking time of bacon from two hours to twenty minutes with the use of Ionsmoke.

Smoking without Fine Dust less weight loss

Better yields with Ionsmoke.

Usually we experience a weight loss when smoking products with natural smoke. A product may have already reached the inspected weight loss before the color is right. That results in lower product margins. With Ionsmoke the weight loss can be controlled and kept as low as possible. In addition, with less processing time the product appears to becomes more natural.

One of our customers filled his sausage casings with 155g sausage meat so that he can guarantee a weight of 140g. With Ionsmoke the customer now fills his sausage casings with 152g to get the same final weight.

Energy Savings

Ionsmoke needs typically only 2W. The heating capacity of a small system starts at 30,000W. The amount of time a product is kept in a smoking step directly correlates with the electrical bill.

Ionsmoke not only saves energy, but also reduces the burden on the Smoke-Generator resulting in longevity.

Isolator eingebaut IonSmoke

No Fine Dust Particles

The initial idea came from Ernst Goldener. He wanted to filter the smoke before it was released into the environment, in order to relieve his neighbours. Instead of ionizing the smoke in the chimney, he tried to do it directly in the chamber. After some initial successes, EBSmoke with Bruno Eigenmann entered the picture. With great knowledge about the treatment and smoking of food they created Ionsmoke.

The result: Economical smoking, with measurable 98% less particulate emissions while passing the products lab test better than conventional smoking.

EB1 controller yield smoke density


The modules fit on any vertically ventilated smoke system and are seamlessly connected to the specially developed control system. Smoking conventionally remains possible, if desired. Ionsmoke can be retrofitted on any system.

We help you customize your recipes for Ionsmoke. The module is water- and steam-proof and is extremely durable and resistant to every usual cleaning of a smoke house.

Measuring and Controlling Smoke Density

With Ionsmoke we now are able to measure the exact smoke density. Smart algorithms connect the dots over time and will adjust the smoke density accordingly to ensure a high-quality product.

Looking back on over 20 years of development our Data-Acquisition fullfills all needs for continuing food security and tracing. It includes the smoke-density colorcoded directly into the smoke-step.

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